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Don’t be so thin-skinned

Most of this advice from Nate Silver this afternoon of things for journalists to do, rather than quitting Twitter completely, is decent enough:

—Stick to topics you know well, or random ephemera. Avoid the middle ground.
—Turn off notifications from people you don’t follow.
—Don’t give too much of a fuck about the idiots. And you usually shouldn’t read the replies.
—If you feel like being combative, punch up & not down.

The advice in bold is pathetic, it reminds me of media companies removing comment sections from their websites. The latter was supposed to improve the experience for readers who didn’t want to see low quality commentary, trolling, and outright garbage feedback. It also threw out the baby with the bathwater, removing quality commentary, citizen fact checking, citizen editing (which is so badly needed when nearly every article and op-ed today is riddled with spelling errors, duplicate words, grammar errors, improper capitalization, double words, etc), valid and insightful counterarguments, and other forms of criticism.

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