Post-debate snap polls: Five polls in, including a swing state, Obama “won” them all.

CBS: Obama 37%, Tied 33%, Romney 30%.

CNN: Obama 46%, Romney 39%. (That’s with a +8 point sample of Republicans!)

PPP in swing state Colorado: Obama 48%, Romney 44%. (58/36 among independents, +3 GOP sample)

CBS5/SurveyUSA in California: Obama 56%, Romney 32%, Tie 12%.

Per Nate Silver: “Looks like Obama named winner by CBS, Google and PPP snap polls. No word from CNN poll yet.”

Ari Fleischer and Liz Mair called it a tie. Most cable pundits calling it an Obama win. Charles Krauthammer calls it for Obama on “points”. Will have more as it becomes available.

Update I
From that CBS5 poll: Independents broke for Romney, 44% to 40%.

Update II
Here’s the results from the PPP poll of Colorado. Some results for you: “moderates” say Obama won 63-27. Independents say Obama won 58-36.

FOX News was the most watched network listed, with 25%. ABC and NBC tied with 15%. CNN had 13%.

Who better understands you: 50-50.

More positive about Obama: 40-36.

More positive about Romney: 44-35.

ID as: Democrat (33%), Republican (36%), Independent/Other (31%).

People who watched FOX News thought Romney won 65-27, but that’s trumped by people who watched C-SPAN. They thought Romney won 73-27, and FOX (broadcast), 78-22. PBS viewers said Obama won 78-16, NBC 68-26. The rest were marginal.

Women said Obama won 49-46, Men 48-43. Romney lost both.

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