Extremist GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz is smiling and happy, “awesome time to be alive :)” one day after two children die in yet another mass shooting

We’re seeing record mass murders, truely out-of-control gun violence by white supremacists/nationalists, unprecedented racism and pathological lying from President Trump, and Matt Gaetz thinks it’s an awesome time to be alive. He’s happy and smiling — literally — not one day after a white supremacist murdered two children with an assault rifle (that is perfectly legal to have in the United States). It’s not hard to see who and what people like Gaetz are: racists, white nationalists, truly deplorable human beings that are going to have to be dealt with even after Donald Trump loses his bid for reelection.

Radical extremists like Gaetz will not be gone after 2020, they’ll still be in positions of power on Congress, borderline psychotic and incapable mentally of dealing with Trump’s lose which they won’t see coming. If you think conservative/Republican poll denialism was bad in 2012, just wait until 2020. I imagine we’ll see bad faith claims of vote fraud (there is no vote fraud in America) well before the election itself takes place, and of course such baseless claims will be endless afterward.